The Lake Besides the Lake

It was a beautiful day and just another Saturday afternoon during the COVID-19 lock down. We decided to take a semi-short drive to the Lake Tahoe area for a short hike. We drove up Highway 89 just past Emerald Bay and parked, on the side of the road, right across from Inspiration Point (Lake Tahoe side), next to Bayview Campground. Bayview Campground access was, of course, closed due to all the COVID-19 madness, but we were still able to walk into the desolate campground. Once inside we walked through the campground until we got to the Cascade Falls/Desolation Trailhead. 

We then took the trail to the left that led towards Cascade Falls. The trail started off wide, and then began to narrow as we got to enjoy beautiful views of both Cascade Lake, to our left, and Lake Tahoe. As we kept walking on the rocky dirt trail, we could see Cascade Falls in the distance and hear the sound of the water. Before we knew it, we were there and exploring around the cascading waters. 

Helpful Hints:
  • Trail is 2 miles round trip starting from the trailhead to the waterfall, not including walk through campground, plus whatever you walk exploring near the waterfall. 
  • Wear shoes that have good grip. When the trail narrows, you have a cliff off to the left. Lot's of rocks and dirt, and no railing or anything at the waterfall edge. It can get slippery so be careful.
  • Go at a time when the falls are not dry, like Springtime. 
  • No permit needed even though it's considered part of Desolation Wilderness. 
  • Park near the campground off the side of Highway 89.

Click on my location link and Google maps will open and lead you to the campground where you'll find the trailhead. 


  1. Beautiful hike! Waterfall hike is always my favorite. Lake view is an extra bonus!

    1. Yay!!!! You were able to comment finally!!! 😁🤗🤗🤗 and thank you! It was a very nice hike! You guys should try it! 🙂

  2. OMG, I so must go here and check it out. I have hiked to Eagle Lake which is just right next door....LOL But I need a trip back to Lake Tahoe. There really is just so much to see and do there. Great Post Jenn

    1. You should!! But I don't know if the falls are still falling at this time of year! But maybe! And yes, there is soooo much to see! 😃👀 thank you, and thank you for reading and commenting! ☺


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