Donner Swing

This year has been the year of obsessing over finding swings in outdoor scenic locations. We've been lucky enough to find a few of them, and sometimes not on the very first try.  This Donner one, for example, took two visits to finally find it. 

The first time we set out to find the swing at Donner, we went in the direction of the Donner Tunnels, and had zero luck. But it was our first time experiencing the Donner Tunnels and all their darkness and graffiti they have to offer, so it wasn't time wasted. 

Outside the Donner Tunnels

On top of the Donner Tunnels

On top of the Donner Tunnels

Then, prior to our second visit to Donner, I had some help. One of my fellow nature addicts on instagram, gave me all the tips I needed, to find this swing. So off we ventured to find it, and it turns out, it wasn't hard to find at all. 

I apologize for not having street names, but I hope the tips I share here will help you find the swing. And if you go, and find it, maybe leave me a comment and tell me about your experience [insert smiley face]. 

Coming down the road, from the bridge (about half a mile down) look for the house on the left side of the road. The swing is directly across from it. There's only room for about two cars to park off the side of the road. And it's right when the road starts to curve left. You don't even have to hike (sorry avid hikers), just park off the side of the road, look for the tree you see in the picture below (it's bare), and also the house in the picture below and you'll find the swing. Good luck!

The bare tree with the swing.

This is the house on the left hand side, coming down the road, from the bridge. The swing is across from this house. The dirt you see in this picture is part of the small parking space.

How to get to the Donner Tunnels:
  • Click my location link to find driving directions. This will direct you to Google maps. 
  • Park at the Donner Ski Tunnels, and the first tunnel is across the street. 
Tips for the Donner Tunnels:
  • Bring a flashlight for the Tunnels. 
  • Sometimes puddles are big inside the Tunnels, so bring appropriate shoes, possibly even rain boots or snow boots around the winter months. 
  • It can get cold inside of the Tunnels, so bring something warm to wear on top. 
  • Tunnel hike distance is about 5 miles out and back, so plan accordingly. 
  • Plan for snow if you're going near the winter months.


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