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Shaky Starts 1

One day I got a phone call, and the phone conversation was calm and collected, and then he told me, " I think Phoenix just had a seizure" and all of a sudden broke down. Phoenix was about a year and six months old. It was like any other day, where we go about our normal every day business. That day, Phoenix was spending time with his dad, and they were driving "over the hill" on highway 17, towards San Jose to go shopping. I was in Santa Cruz at Phoenix' grandmas house when I got the phone call. 
I was in shock, and asked what had happened and where they were. He said he was driving, and Phoenix was napping in his car seat, and when he looked back Phoenix' eyes had rolled back and he was intensely shaking for approximately three minutes.  He quickly pulled over, and got him out of the carseat and held him. When Phoenix snapped out of it, he said that he was weak and wasn't able to walk. They were headed to Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, and so Ph…

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