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Starfish Kingdom

It was January 2, 2022 we decided we wanted to visit a beach before heading back home. We were in Point Reyes National Seashore so we decided to visit the beach nearest to the Tomales Point Trailhead we had seen the previous day when we went to see elk. We drove to McClures Beach and parked in the small lot. Once our belongings were ready, we hiked down to the beach a little over half  a mile.  First view you get of the beach and ocean as you near trails end.  Once we were on the beach we walked a bit more until we found a spot somewhat secluded, although the beach wasn't overpopulated to start with. We settled into "our spot" and headed towards the ocean water to explore. As we explored, we found rocks and shells as we always do when we go to the beach. We also found a starfish in the tidepools, which we were both very excited about, as well as sea urchins and anemones.  Little did we know we were soon going to be in for a starfish treat.  Rock formations as you enter be

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