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Best Creek We Ever Waded In

It's been years and years since I've been passing this spot and never put much attention to it, until this past year. Two hands are not enough to count the amount of times I've/we've been to Lake Tahoe. And it was only until this past year I finally started to notice this spot, off the side of the road on highway 50, on route to Tahoe. It might have something to do with the giant waterfall you see in the distance, pouring down the mountainside as you drive down highway 50, and for some reason it took me about 37 years to take notice of it! Driving down highway 50 from Lake Tahoe, I noticed there was an actual stop area adjacent to this giant waterfall. So I took note and decided I would look into it. Pyramid Creek Trailhead is what the sign read, and is where we headed this past Sunday. Day use parking is $10, card only-- due to cash theft. Day use permits for hiking in this Desolation Wilderness area are not currently required. So we payed, parked, started our hike, an

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