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Sunflower Stop

Two years ago around this time of the year, Phoenix and I drove around looking for sunflower fields, and we found some that I wrote about on my very first blog. Today's blog is about different sunflower fields we recently stumbled upon, and are really easy to access. In fact you can see them right off the freeway! In fact, we didn't just see sunflowers this time, we saw a ton of people. 
That's the downside to easy access, but we were still able to find a spot where we could capture sunflower photos with nobody in the way. In fact everyone "their mommas, and their photographers" were trying to do the same thing. It was actually quite the spectacle. 
So where's this spectacle? Well, as we drove down I-80 West towards San Francisco, we saw an exit with a ton of cars parked off the side of the road in the Davis area. People were walking around like they were going to a festival. So I decided to exit, so we could shake our feet off after a long drive, and see if we…

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