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The Land of Tufas

  It was the first weekend of 2021, and we decided to getaway for a couple of nights and revisit the Bridgeport area which we had done in February of 2020.  After our first nights stay in Bridgeport we got out to explore the next day, and our first stop was about 14 minutes away, at the Mono Lake Vista Point. At this stop we got to see the view of Mono Lake as well as the Sierra Nevada Mountains and desert. I would definitely recommend stopping here for a Birdseye view, and getting some drone footage and/or photos.  Getting down to the lake takes about 10 more minutes driving. But if you want to get to the south side of the lake, which I highly recommend, it'll take approximately 25 minutes more. Before heading out to Mono Lake one of the locals had told me that I needed to see the tufas on the south side of the lake, because people had destroyed most of the tufas in other areas of the lake. But before heading out, I had read that the south side was closed. I told my sister, who wa

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