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Hydrotherapy at its Finest

So far, we've only been to three hotspring locations off of the 395, and so far I can say--this one is one of my favorites. My number one reason for loving this location is that these hotsprings are right next to Buckeye Creek, and Buckeye creek is nice and cold especially from the melting snow. The best part about it is that you can jump back and forth between hot and cold, which is the best hydrotherapy nature can offer.  There's also  a hotspring at the top, on the hillside, facing Buckeye Creek and the adjacent hot springs down below. This spring was not as warm when we went, but the view was amazing. Really, the view from any of these hotsprings is just aaa-mazing. You're surrounded by trees, rocks, hillside, the sound of cold running water, the sound of the hot water trickling down from small "waterfalls" while you sit in a natural "spa", and scene of snow depending on what time of the year you go.  My final reason for loving this location is--the

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