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Our "Secret Spot"

Our secret spot may not be so secret anymore! On Valentine's Day, two years ago, in 2017, I took my Valentine's date to a "secret spot." Who was my Valentine's date? Where was this so called "secret spot"? 
About three days before Valentine's, we had moved back to Sacramento, from Felton. It was the beginning of a new journey together, and a beginning ready for exploration and adventure. Phoenix had just turned one about two weeks before, and it was still a bit difficult to just pick up and do anything with him. But I wanted to do something cute and special for my valentine. 
I searched for something outdoors, and I ran into a park that caught my attention. It was a rooftop park that I had never been to. It was just the type of place I had been looking for; it was perfect! So on Valentine's day, I packed a few snacks, and a few Valentine's props and headed out with my Valentine date. 
When we got there, we drove up to the top floor of the p…

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