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Where to Find Sea Glass in California

We were off to a late start, so we decided to stay the night. Just a few days before Thanksgiving, Phoenix, my sister and I, decided to go on a little adventure. There were a few places in mind, but nothing was concrete. We headed almost four hours away from Sacramento, to Mendocino County, and stayed overnight. While there, we visited several places, and one of those places was Fort Bragg. 
We made a few stops while we were at Fort Bragg. We went to an ice cream shop (where they sell delicious mushroom ice cream and make their cones in house), a gift shop right next door, and the beach. But not just any beach- a beach where there was sea glass--Glass Beach.
I had heard of this place, and how sea glass washes up on shore from years of dumping garbage at a site not too far away. I wanted to see for myself, and sure enough, there was sea glass! Not in crazy abundance, but enough to see it all over the small beach cove when the tide is low. 

I was definitely in awe of all the beautiful …

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