Hot Spot

What's better than a relaxing jacuzzi experience? A hot spring! A hot spring filled with natural minerals that have healing properties, and treat conditions such as: eczema, arthritis pain, and digestive disorders-- just to name a few. And Phoenix and I had this hot spring all to ourselves, but it wasn't the only one around. There were more hot springs within walking distance, neighboring the one we were in. 

This magical haven is definitely a hot spot, both literally and figuratively. Phoenix and I arrived at around 9am, and there were cars already parked on both sides of the dirt road leading up to the hot springs. We got out of the car and walked around to assess the area before deciding where we would settle. The first hot spring we saw, looked man-made, and the water felt pretty hot. As we walked a little further we found a hot spring that nobody was in, and the water felt pretty hot as well. As we continued to explore, we walked into a set of hot springs adjacent to one another, and they were filled with people, some of which were nude.

Dirt road leading to springs.
The first hot spring we saw, which looks like it's man-made.

The second hot spring we ran into, and the one we ended up staying at.

Phoenix up ahead on the trail we took, leading up to the third set of hot springs we saw.

We then headed back to the car to gather our towels and belongings, and I already knew where we were headed. We headed to the second hot spring we spotted with nobody in it or around it. In fact, the entire time we were at that hot spring only two girls walked by to get to their car. And we spent our entire morning enjoying the soothing spring, with the beautiful valley view, and backdrop of mountains. 

Phoenix feeling the water on the hotter end of the spring we stayed at.

He didn't even want to put his feet in the water. Took alot of convincing. 

One of the last pictures taken. I had tanned by this point. 

Well, I spent the entire morning inside the spring. But it took me some time to convince Phoenix to get his feet in the water. Then it took me about an hour to convince him to get his entire body in. But finally, I was successful! As I held him in my arms, and reassured him that everything was okay and that momma was there for him, I could feel his little body letting go and relishing the moment. It was a beautiful bonding experience. And he was pretty darn proud of himself for getting in. I think it's safe to say we both cant wait to go back! 
He finally got in, and he eventually allowed me to take his shirt off. 
Getting him to play with mud.

Healing & Bonding--The best feeling!

Helpful Tips:
  • We stayed at Big Meadow Lodge which was only about 2 miles away from the Hot Springs, it was cozy, close, cabin like, and cost effective! I recommend it! 
  • Be prepared to drive about a mile or so, on a bumpy dirt road to get to hot spring location. I drove my small Toyota and I was just fine.
  • Free camping is allowed in the area surrounding the dirt road before you get to the Travertine Springs "entrance". 
  • Take shoes you won't mind getting muddy. Take an extra pair too. I took active shoes and then walked out in flip-flops. 
  • Take your towel(s), and keep in mind that it may be cold outside depending on what time of the year you visit. 
  • Take water to stay hydrated!
  • I personally recommend going to the springs late winter/ early spring when it's not too cold or hot outside. 
  • Get there early! It's a hot spot, so it seems to fill up quickly.
  • The water temperature can vary within one spring. For instance the spring we were in was very hot on one end, and warm and comfortable on the other end. I enjoyed both ends!
  • Keep the water and the surrounding areas clean and natural. Meaning pack out your garbage and avoid wearing lotion or any cream on your body. 
  • Be prepared to see nudity.
How to get there:
  • Click on the location link below, and google maps will open to get you to your destination.


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