Where to Find Sea Glass in California

We were off to a late start, so we decided to stay the night. Just a few days before Thanksgiving, Phoenix, my sister and I, decided to go on a little adventure. There were a few places in mind, but nothing was concrete. We headed almost four hours away from Sacramento, to Mendocino County, and stayed overnight. While there, we visited several places, and one of those places was Fort Bragg. 

We made a few stops while we were at Fort Bragg. We went to an ice cream shop (where they sell delicious mushroom ice cream and make their cones in house), a gift shop right next door, and the beach. But not just any beach- a beach where there was sea glass--Glass Beach.

I had heard of this place, and how sea glass washes up on shore from years of dumping garbage at a site not too far away. I wanted to see for myself, and sure enough, there was sea glass! Not in crazy abundance, but enough to see it all over the small beach cove when the tide is low. 

Small cove where you find sea glass, the span of where I'm standing all the way to the small cliffs on the right.


Phoenix climbing rocks.

Chillin on rocks.

Filling his pockets with sea glass.
My sister in the red coat, enjoying the moment. 

I was definitely in awe of all the beautiful transparent glass colors, and was collecting sea glass like I'd never see it again. Phoenix had fun climbing rocks, and filling his pockets with smooth, clear sea glass. My sister sat amongst the rocks and enjoyed the moment. The amount of time spent at Glass Beach could have been endless, but our time was limited, as we had made plans to visit another State Park before heading back to Sacramento. We parted, with beautiful sea glass memories, and I have a feeling we'll be back soon again. 

Helpful Tips:
  • Plan to visit Sea Glass Beach when the tide is low, otherwise you won't be able to see the sea glass. 
  • Wear something to keep you warm. It gets quite windy. 
  • When you walk from the parking lot veer to the left to find the small cove with sea glass. 
  • Take something to put the sea glass you collect.
  • Parking is free! Enjoy!
How to Get There:
  • Click the location link below, and it will direct you to the Glass Beach parking lot. 


  1. Beautiful!!!! Nature adventures are the best specially with those you love. Enjoy those precious momentos.


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