Our Fall Five

I've never enjoyed fall as much as I do now that Phoenix is around! For the past three years I've been looking forward to everything pumpkin! On this post I'm sharing some of the spots we like going to, and keep going back to. I hope this post inspires you all to get out and have some fall fun!

1. Falling Leaf Crafts Festival- First things first--it's free!!! Not to mention,  inexpensive! We probably spent around $20 on food and fun, when we went in 2018, And guess what?! The food was good and the fun was fun! We got ourselves some delicious goodies from the Healthy Nut Hut stand. Then we headed over to choose a pumpkin, and Phoenix got to paint and decorate it, and he had so much fun doing that. The pumpkin, and painting/decor costed a whole two bucks!! Then he got a balloon master to make him a balloon creation. Then he got what he calls a "goon" face painting. Both the balloon and face painting were donation based. This fest is a great place to eat, and have some family fun!

The festival takes place at Carmichael Park, California. This year it's on Sunday, October 13th, from 9am-2pm. 

Phoenix choosing his pumpkin.
Decorating his pumkin at 2 years old.
Getting his "Goon" painted on him.

Getting a delicious taco from the owner and chef of the Healthy Nut, who offers delicious vegan/vegetarian fare. 

2. Dave's Pumpkin Patch aka Vierra Farms- This one can get a bit pricey, but it's well worth it! You don't have to pay to get in, but you do have to pay to get into the Cornivol, which includes: unlimited hay rides, go carts, corn maze including a kiddie hay maze, a princess castle, chickensville, baby goats, pig races (on Saturdays only), corn box which is a sand box filled with corn, the Pumkin Chunkin which shoots out pumpkins about 500 yards into the air (super fun to see, and only on weekends), a hay pyramid, pony rides, and a jumping pillow which Phoenix absolutely loves. All of that for $7 per person Monday through Friday (excluding some of the activities), and $16 per person on Saturday and Sunday, kids 2 and under are free. They also offer a 4 person family pack for $55. 

Then on Friday and Saturday nights they offer movie nights under the stars. Friday evenings they offer special dinners made with farm fresh ingredients. And of course, the pumkin patch where you walk to the field and choose your pumpkin. But the best of all, are the deeeee-li-cioussss fresh doughnuts they sell, and if you're lucky, you'll catch Dave himself making them! 

Location: 3010 Borrows Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691


3. Rodoni Farms- Rain or shine! This place is open from September 29- October 31st, 9-5 pm. It's free to get in, all you have to pay for is your pumpkin(s). They sell organic produce, and have been in business for about 34 years! 

And yes, they have some haystacks laying around, and large giant tires or tunnels to go through, and areas to get cute pictures, but what I love most about this place is the beautiful ocean view you get in the back drop, looking past hwy 1. You'll have to take a visit and see for yourself! 

Location: 4444 Coast Rd. Hwy 1, California (Near Santa Cruz)


4. Cool Patch Pumpkins- Home of the largest corn maze in the world!!! Not the largest in California, not the largest in the US, the largest in the world!!! You'll find them in the Guinness World Book of Records. And I think it's so awesome that every year they design the maze uniquely. The aerial shots are just amazing, so take your drone if you have one! 

Yes, Cool Patch Pumpkins also sells pumpkins! Who would have thought?! They also offer affordable pumpkin patch activities such as: corn bath, mini grass maze, hay rides, and pedal cars. All those activities are ticket based, and the most expensive is the hay ride which is $4, equivalent to 4 tickets. Kids 1 and under are free. Where you'll spend your biggest dollar is the actual corn maze-- $15 per person,  children 5 and under are free. Last year they featured dinosaurs around the property, and who knows what they will be featuring this year! I guess you'll have to go and find out! 

Location: 6150 Dixon Ave West, Dixon CA 95620


5. Apple Hill- I've been coming here since childhood,  and no, it's not a hill filled with apple trees, but more like hills upon hills, with over 50 apple farms! Just to give you an idea, High Hill Ranch is one of the largest Farms, with over 150 acres, and that's just one farm, out of 50 plus farms! Each farm sells apple products from carmelized apples to, apple fritters, apple doughnuts, apple turnovers, apple juice, apple everything! And each farm has it's unique charm and activities. We have a few farm favorites, but I'll keep those a secret and let you find out which is your favorite. 

Apple is open during the Fall season, with some farms open and selling Christmas trees during December. Boa Vista Orchards is the only farm open year round.

Location: There's no definite address due to the fact that there's so many farms and ranches, but Carson Road in Placerville, CA could be a good start.  

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We might love Apple Hill the most of all!

Boa Vista Orchards

See if you can find this location.  I hear the colors change each and every week.  

The sky was just so beautiful I had to stop and take a picture. 

Waiting to ride a pony. 


Abel's Acres

Did I mention they sell pie? This one isn't apple, but it spells yum!


  1. The colors, the The air, the aroma, the leaves, the rain drops, the wind blowing, the change of beautiful colors and soon to gather for the Thanksgiven feast!!!! I agree with Autum air, is romantic, nostalgic, rewarding.........Apple Hill is it!!! can't go wrong, is addicting and your pictures and memories are authentic and full of joy, continue to enjoy Autumn with my Canutito, your "little partner in crime-PAPA'S"

    1. Thankooooo.....Fall is perfect! We love Fall! ❤❤❤


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