The Yuba

This past July we made it to the Yuba River for the second time in two years. Only this time we explored to the right side of the South Yuba River Bridge. We were lucky to snag a parking spot in the small parking lot adjecent to the this (now) pedestrian bridge. We weren't sure where exactly we were going, but we were willing to explore.

So we crossed over this pedestrian bridge and found a small trail on the right hand side. The trail got narrow, and to the right there was a dropoff leading down to the river. I was constantly on my toes walking the trail with Phoenix. I had him walking close and in front of me at all times.

The "P" is the parking lot where we parked. Then we crossed the pedestrian bridge (adjacent to the lot), and the trail we found after crossing the bridge was on the right hand side, where I placed the "X."

There were lots of small trails to our right, leading down to the river. I was anxious to get down due to the fact that I kept worrying about Phoenix falling off the trail. We tried one of the small trails leading to the river, but it was too steep and hard to do with him. So we continued on, until we decided to try again. The trail was still steep, and slippery, but we somehow made it down.

We then ventured alongside the river, and  first spotted a boy gold panning at the rivers edge. Then we started to see more and more people. I wanted to trek further to see if we could get away from the crowds, but I also wanted to stop worrying about Phoenix getting hurt around the rocks or having to carry him, so-- we found a swimming hole and a small beach area and decided to situate.

The view in front of us consisted of some large rocks across the river, and people who kept jumping from them. I wanted to jump too, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get across with Phoenix. So I settled for watching. We saw a couple of topless women basking in the sun, and I was told there was more nudity up river, so in a way I was glad we decided to stop there and keep it PG for Phoenix.

Phoenix took a while to warm up to the water, but I tried to encourage him. Other than that we: people watched, snacked, took pictures, played in the water, and soaked it all in. I talked to a few people, and as the sun went down, we decided it was time to leave. I can't wait to come back and explore more of The Yuba.

We situated next to these rocks. So if you find this rock art, you found our spot. 

Phoenix people watching.

We were told we could keep the noodle, since the people that were there beforehand had just left it there. So Phoenix had fun playing with his new noodle.
Eating snacks while people watching. 

Kisses at sundown.
Shortly before gerrimg back on the bridge before going home. 

Pure Joy
Pure silliness.

Looking over the left hand side of the bridge when we first got there. 
Same side of the bridge around sundown, before leaving. 

How to Get There:

  • Click the location link below, and it will open google maps with directions on how to get there.


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