How to "Survive" a Bee Sting

Dry Creek in Jackson, California near the scene of the incident.

It was nearing the end of spring, but hot like a summer day, and we were in rattlesnake territory. So all of a sudden it dawned on me: rattle snakes are out at this time of year, and could be anywhere on our path! As I ran, in sandals, to catch up to Phoenix, I felt a sharp sting on the sole of my left foot, near my big toe. Luckily, it wasn't a rattle snake bite, but still, it stung so badly!

We were taking a nature stroll after visiting a long time friend of the family who is still sick in bed. At the time of the bee sting, we were near the creeks edge, so I limped to the cold running water. Before getting my foot in the water, our friend, who was walking with us on her property, squeezed the stinger out of me. I was sweating from the heat and the pain, but as soon as I put my foot in the cold running water I felt sweet relief. It was almost as if the creek water had healing powers, and had healed my foot. 

Phoenix running up ahead on our way down to Dry Creek.
Yes, he submerged in the water that day, while momma soaked her foot.

When we got back up to our friends house, she rubbed a "secret" potion (MMS) on my foot. I seriously thought I was completely healed, but the next day my foot started to swell. It took about three and a half days for my foot to heal. That's the quickest it's ever taken my foot to heal from a bee sting, and I've been stung on the foot a lot. On this post, I am sharing what I did, and I hope it helps you too. 
My left foot was a different tone and swollen, it was even more swollen at one point before this picture.

1.) Ice, Ice, Ice- Don't underestimate the power of icing! I filled up a large bowl, I had from the Dollar Tree, with ice and water, and just soaked my foot in there while watching a movie on the couch. You can use an ice pack, or something of that sort if it's on another area of your body. I put an ice pack in my bowl as well.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar! You can fill up a bowl with organic apple cider vinegar and soak your foot in there. Or use wrapping gauze and soak it in apple cider vinegar, and then wrap the affected area. I did both! Keep doing this to reduce swelling and neutralize the itch.

3.) What's all this buzz about local honeys?!
I bought the most local honey I could get,  and used a paint brush to brush the honey all over my foot! I'm not sure if it was the honey, or the combination of eveything I did, but my swelling was down the next day, and the itch was gone,  and I was good from there on out! Maybe try the honey first?

Sorry if I was too blab-bee but I hope these tips help!


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