Must Stop Monday!

Only about 124 miles from where we live, and about 2 hours away, there's a stop where you must stop! This stop, has been a stop since childhood. Of course, not on any ordinary day, but always on a road trip to Los Angeles (LA). Pea Soup Anderson's is a must stop!

When you stop at Pea Soup Anderson's, you're not just stopping for soup, you're stopping for an experience! A bathroom experience, a shake your legs from sitting for so long- experience. But not just that...a bakery ecperience, where you get to choose yummy baked goods, a gift shop experience where you can take memories with you, a food experience where there's more than just soup on the menu, and most importantly a pea soup experience! 

Just a couple of weeks ago, Phoenix and I  were headed to LA, and we got to stop and experience Pea Soup Anderson's for the second time together. He didn't finish his soup. His mind was on baked goods, and gift shop goodies. But I sure did, along with plenty of crackers with butter. Next time you're on your way to LA, make sure to make this stop a must stop, your five senses will thank you for it!

One of his new poses at the Pea Soup Anderson entrance, holding on to the baked goods, and gift shop treats. 
His gift shop goods.
Getting there:
  • Click the location link below, and google maps will open with the destination address.  


  1. Pea Soup is my favorite food and has been since childhood. I will make sure we rip a stop when heading South to visit family on the outskirts of LA and Palmdale. I want to see the windmill fields on way back home to Sacramento . They are an added bonus after visiting the aeroplane graves in the Antelope Valley and many good eateries along the way!

    1. Yes! Let me know what you think! And safe travels! I don't think I've been to the aeroplane graves, but the eateries sound so good! 🤤👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


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