Double Delicious Meatless Monday

The hype that Burger Patch created was real! Even my mom who is all the way in Peru heard about Burger Patch here in Sacramento! In fact she is the one who treated us to our very first experience at the Patch! Burger Patch officially opened the doors to its K street location in Sacramento on May 4, 2019 and we got to go the next day! The line was fairly long, and we stood for approximately twenty minutes, but our food was out shortly after we had ordered. It was definitely a quick turn around.

I recently heard about this spot through social media. At first, I didnt realize that Burger patch was a vegan spot, so I just kept scrolling, thinking it was just another Burger spot. But on one post I realized it wasn't just another burger spot, instead offered an entire plant based menu! You don't understand the excitement that ran through my bones, and I'm sure there's many other vegetarian/vegans out there that can relate to my emotions. It's neat to know that there's a burger joint in Sacramento, that is especially designed for vegans, but that is also made available to vegetarians and the rest of the public. 

I "secretly" like the idea that the Burger Patch can be mistaken for any burger joint. This way, your everyday beef and steak eater comes to have a burger and bam! Surprise! It's a meatless burger! Or inviting your meat-eater friends and not telling them you're going to plant-based place until they find out. Then there's not much time to create a biased opinion towards a meatless burger!

"How was it?"--the most popular question I got on my instagram. Phoenix had "A Bunch" of the crispy fried chicken tenders and well the fact that he barely let me have a nibble and finished the entire serving speaks for itself. Also, we ordered their "Earth Quake" but chose to make it half chocolate and half vanilla, so that we could taste the best of both worlds, and well, Phoenix chewed the straw to "mark his territory" and I enjoyed what I could. Next time we're each getting our own!

Phoenix' making sure the shake is in his hands.

I chose the Double Patch Burger, and it was cheesy delicious! It had double the "cheddar" cheese, which was perfectly melted, double Beyond Burger patties which have a really nice "meaty" texture and a nice balanced flavor that's not over-seasoned. Naturally, the lettuce and tomatoes compliment the burger, but the grilled onions with their patch sauce--is such a great choice on the creators part! Their burger buns were not your typical generic bun, instead they are custom-crafted delicious buns  that come from the Truckee sourdough company. It was my first time having a double, and it was double delicious!

Uplifting words in the restroom.

A few facts:
  • 5 cents of every burger sold in May 2019 will be donated to @sierradonorsvcs.
  • Burger Patch Instagram page is @theburgerpatch
  • There is another Burger Patch location in Sacramento, inside the Golden 1 Center. 
  • Burger Patch uses Beyond Meat for their Burgers.
  • The owners of Burger Patch were the first ever to pop-up and serve Beyond Burgers in Sacramento.
  • For more information on Beyond Meat click:
How to get there:
  • Click on the location link below, and the address with directions will come up through Google maps.


  1. glad you enjoyed it and Little Phoenix! happy 5 de Mayo

    1. We sure did! ☺😊 thank youuuuuuuuuu! Arrrrrribbbba!!!!

  2. I like to read these, I read all of your stories every night👍


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