American River View

Growing up in Sacramento meant visiting the American River and the Fair Oaks Bridge numerous times, but I never saw it from these heights. The last few times Phoenix and I visited the Fair Oaks Bridge I noticed a small trail on the Fair Oaks side. I told myself that the next time we came we were going to go on it and explore. So this weekend we did! 

It was Sunday evening, about an hour before sundown. We parked our car near the Village Park at Fair Oaks, and then we walked to the Fair Oaks Bridge which is about half a mile away. Right before crossing the bridge you will see two water fountains on the left hand side as well as a small trail that climbs up the bluff.

We started our climb, and I made sure Phoenix was in front of me and close. Within minutes we already had a view of the bridge.

Our view just a few steps up the trail. 

After taking a few pictures and having a few paranoid moments of Phoenix falling off the bluff, we took the trail, and went up higher. We made a few stops along the way,  and took pictures. Shortly, the trail ended at somebody's property fence line, and it was time to turn back.

On our walk to and fro the trail seemed somewhat populated, and the crowd was mostly young. I didn't ask anyone to take pictures of me this time because most fingers seemed to be busy holding a blunt. Also I didn't want Phoenix to fall off the cliff while I'm posing for a picture.

But boy were the views from the bluff beautiful and it was the perfect time of day, minus the people in the way of pictures. I kept wondering how I kept missing this spot, when it's obviously no secret. If you decide to visit and you have a little one, I recommend going with someone else or maybe even a few people, that way there are no tragic accidents. I can't wait to go back to get more pictures, and maybe catch a day of the week that is not as populated!

I said, Show me two fingers for peace," and he showed me a fist.

Helpful Tips:
  • Park at Village Park in the Fair Oaks village.
  • The walk from the parking lot to the Fair Oaks bridge is approximately 9 minutes. 
  • There is parking on the Sacramento side of the Fair Oaks bridge as well, but you're supposed to pay a fee. Bridge access is easier this way however.
  • Click on the location link below for directions to the Fair Oaks Village Park. 
Directions from Village Park to Fair Oaks Bridge:
  • Walk down Temescal St.
  • Continue on towards your left onto Bridge St.
*More pictures to be added later.


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