Phoenix' 3rd Rawr

January was a month filled with all things dinosaur for us. Dinosaur chocolate, dinosaur fruit cutouts, dinosaur sandwiches, dinosaur "bones", dinosaur toy prizes, dinosaur party favors, dinosaur piƱata, dinosaur hats-- you name it. Also, the most popular word that month (besides dinosaur(s)) was, "wait." Phoenix confirmed with me each and every day that he had to "wait for dinosaurs." 

As his birthday party date was getting closer,  anticipation was building up, and so was my stress level. I literally spent just about every day of January planning, prepping, and shopping for his 3rd Rawr. It was tedious, and even though I went to bed late the night before and woke up at 5 am, I was still running behind! And all for four of his  friends who attended. 

Yes, I did say four. I was expecting at least 8-12 kids altogether but about a week before three cancelled, and three confirmed they wouldn't be able to make it, and one wasn't able to show up on the day of. One of my friends said to me, "You are crazy for all those details for just a few kids." But at that point, everything had already been bought (Most of which I thank my mom for sponsoring; I couldn't have done it without her help.), and alot of things had already been made and prepared, and everything was planned out, so I wasn't about to change anything at that point. 

So altogether, there were only 5 kids, including Phoenix, on the day of his party. One kid had to leave super early due to not getting a nap, and so only 4 kids and their parents remained til the end. A few family members were able to attend, and some weren't able to make the trip. We are  very grateful to the few who were able to attend.

Finally the day had come when Phoenix no longer had to wait for all things dinosaur.  He got to spend the afternoon with a few of his friends and family members. He was super excited about his dinosaur birthday party, and in the end that's all that mattered.
Table set-up before guests arrived.
This giant gliding dinosaur balloon was literally a hit for the kids. 
There was food for the herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores, except I forgot to put out the dino nuggets for the carnivores.

More pictures to be added soon!


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