DIY Photo Backdrop

Pictures are taken everyday, almost everywhere, especially on special occasions. Everyone wants to keep memories of special days or events. That's where photo booths, photo frames, photo props, and photo backdrops come into play. For Phoenix' 3rd birthday I decided to create a photo backdrop in an unused corner of my apartment. 

I wasn't sure if I wanted to use the backdrop for the cake and sweets or just for guests to take photos. My cousin had suggested I use it for both, which I was highly considering, except that I ran out of time, and ended up having it set up for guest photos. Today I am sharing how to create this backdrop for just about any party theme or color scheme. I thought I had taken more pictures in the process, but I guess I had not. If you'd like clarification on any of the steps, just post it on the comments, and I will answer as best I can. 

  • Paper streamers
  • Tissue pom poms
  • Battery operated lights (optional)
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Clear heavy duty tape
  • Small nails and/push pins

1. Color Scheme & Shop- First make sure you've decided on the color scheme for your party, before you select the paper streamers you'd like to buy. I used 5 different colors for my back drop, but less would definitely work. I bought one roll per color. The size of the roll depends on how much space you're planning to cover. If you're planning to cover a larger space then definitely buy the larger rolls. Larger rolls go for about $4 at Party City and smaller rolls are about a dollar. Buy corresponding colored tissue pom poms. Packs of 3 sell for $6.99 at Party City. But you may have to shop around to find exactly what you need. 

2. Measure- Use the measuring tape to measure the vertical space you want to decorate. Decide how high up you want the paper streamer to start, and measure down. 

3. Cut- Once you've decided on a length and have a measurement begin cutting all your streamer paper that length. 

4. Patterned Strips- Create strips using paper streamers you've already cut, using transparent heavy duty tape. Place each streamer one at a time on a manageable strip of tape. I placed each streamer on half the tape strip so the other half was free to adhere to the wall. 

5. Place Strips on the Wall- Adhere tape strips with streamers onto the wall. Place tape strips at the desired height that you originally measured and decided upon. 

6. Repeat- Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you've covered your desired wall space with paper streamers. 

7. Puff- Puff out your tissue pom poms. 

8. Designing a Layout- Lay out your tissue pom poms on a flat surface to configure how you'd want to place them on the wall. Once you start placing them on the wall your layout could possibly change. 

9. Place Pom Poms on the Wall- Use small nails and/or even push pins to keep tissue pom poms on the wall. Make sure your streamer tape strips are not visible. 

10. Optional- I bought a strip of battery operated lights from Target's party section to add a little brightness. I paid about $4 for one pack. I used push pins to keep it on the wall hanging below my tissue pom poms. 

Helpful Tip- Something I didn't do that I think would be helpful is to tape the bottom of the paper streamers to the wall so that they don't fly/move every time someone moves when trying to take a picture.


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