A Suite View

As we walked up to the beautiful Golden 1 Center, all Phoenix kept saying was, "Kings, Kings, basketball, lion." I kept trying to tell him, "we're not going to see the Kings today, we're going to see Disney on Ice. We're going to see ice skating. Mickey Mouse." I  had tried my best to prep him before going to the Golden 1 Center. I showed him videos of Disney on Ice, and he was excited about it, but as we walked alongside the Golden 1 Center, all he could think of was the Sacramento Kings and their mascot. 

It was our second time at the Golden 1 Center together. The first time we got to see the Sacramento Kings play and beat OKC. Phoenix absolutely loved that experience. He talked about it for the whole week afterwards. The first time at Golden 1 Center we got to sit in lower level seats, this time we  got to experience a suite view. 

Before getting to our loft suite all you could see around us were little princesses, holding their light up wands that were being sold outside the Golden 1, as well as inside (they were a lot cheaper outside). There were also some kids who had mickey mouse ears on, and we also spotted a decked out "Woody". I wasn't trying to spend money on a Disney outfit for Phoenix, but I knew kids would probably be dressed as Disney characters, so I dressed him in a plaid shirt and jeans and took his woody hat (which he barely wore). Since I haven't recently gotten him cowboy boots because he's constantly outgrowing shoes, I wore the boots. Somebody had to wear them!

After getting our $20 of popcorn and soda (expensive!), we finally got to the loft suite. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed were the two flat screen TVs: one to our left, and the other to our right. The one on our left was facing a counter space with barstools, that were facing the fridge and "kitchen" area. The one on our right was facing the lounge area. Then I noticed another flat screen on the entrance door wall as well.  Past these lounge areas, there were two thin counter spaces on each side, with barstools, overlooking the arena. Below these two counter spaces were about fourteen theatre style seats.

Counter space with barstools, facing the TV situated on the left hand side. 
TV on the left hand side as you enter, facing counter space with barstools. 
Lounge area and flat screen TV on the right hand side as you enter.
Flat screen tv on the entrance door wall, and Phoenix posing for a picture. 
A more complete view.
Menu you can order from. There was a separate drink menu as well. 

Ten of the seats were already taken, so we sat in the seats that were available. Phoenix was enjoying the popcorn while we watched Disney on Ice from up above. After about 45 minutes there was about a 15 minute intermission. This gave us time to stretch out our legs and explore the suite. Then there was about 45 minutes remaining in the show.

Enjoying his popcorn while watching the show. 

Exploring the suite during intermission. Refrigerator. 
A view of the theatre style seating.

My verdict-- I would definitely recommend this suite experience for a Kings game or even a concert! It seems like an ideal place to kick back and relax. You can walk or sit at your leisure, as if you were at home. You can make it a family event, where kids can move around, and everyone would be comfortable, or even celebrate a birthday party with friends while enjoying an event. 

Phoenix and I have been very fortunate to  have been able to experience Disney on Ice, as well as the Kings game earlier in the season. We thank God, and owe the rest of our gratitude to William Ursery, the Sacramento Kings account manager, which made all this happen for us. Thank you William, it was a nice suite view and a sweet experience.

The best picture we were able to get together. 

Helpful Tips:
  • Contact your Sacramento Kings account manager for season tickets, VIP tours, and game experiences. (916) 701-5449 (call or text) and/or email- wursery@kings.com 
  • Reserve parking in advance through SacPark. We didn't reserve our parking for the Disney on Ice Event and paid $20 right across from Golden 1 Center. Click on the link to reserve. https://reserve.sacpark.org/
  • Do: dress like a princess if going to a Disney on Ice event. 
  • Do: buy the light up wands outside if you think your kid will enjoy one. They are much more expensive inside. Which leads me to my next point. 
  • The cool looking drinks and snacks for Disney on Ice events are expensive (understatement) so either come prepared to spend lots of money, or have a good talk with your kid about why you are not buying them the cool stuff inside, or make sure everyone is super full before coming to a Disney on Ice event. 
  • For Disney on Ice some of the special effects come from high to low, so it's probably better to experience it all from lower level seating. Plus you get to see the skaters/characters up close and personal.
  • Do: book a suite for birthday celebrations or any celebration for that matter. The suites are perfect for comfort, mobility, and larger groups! 


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