Food on the Go #2

Well, we came back! But not for all of their soups; just one. All of their soups might take a few more visits. If you read my first post titled, "Food on the Go!" you'll know what I'm talking about. It took us about a month to come back, and the funny thing is that we visited Ikea the same day, just like last time.

This time we got to sit down at one of their tables to eat. I ordered the Patience Noodle soup, and asked for an extra bowl for Phoenix and I to share. We didnt have to be too patient, because sooner than we knew it, our soup was brought out. 

The soup had rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, a small variety of soy meats, mixed vegetables, and ginger. The soup usually comes spicy, but I asked to have a non spicy version for Phoenix' sake. The shitake mushrooms were super tasty and brought a nice chewy texture to the soup. The tofu was cubed into large squares, and was not fried, which is a nice healthy alternative. There were two kinds of soy meat: ham and beef. But not enough of those in the soup, left me wanting more, but maybe that's the point? The mixed vegetables consisted of cauliflower, carrots, and one vegetable I couldn't identify, and I forgot to ask about it. The green herbs on top brought flavor to the dish, and were a beautiful touch that made the soup visually appealing. 

I loved the soup, but was left wanting a bit more of the fake meat. Also, I could tell Phoenix was still a bit hungry so I ordered a small order of brown rice for him. I did have to remind our waitress to bring out the sprouts, but I still missed the jalapeƱos. Will that stop us from coming back?! You bet it won't. 


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