Valentine's Space

Did you know that ambiance is one of the top marketing strategies stores use to get you to spend more? If you feel good in a store, and your senses are pleased, you are likely to spend more money. That's probably part of the reason why some people feel like shopping is a form of therapy. So...why not create little safe havens for ourselves at home? Whether they be big or small, I think it's important to create a/or space(s) at home that can be  designed to our liking, and therapeutic to us.


We did exactly that for right around 40! Notice I didn't include a dollar sign? Also a marketing strategy to get you to spend! But seriously 40 is not too bad for about 10 items. Here's how we did it. We went to IKEA, and got everything there (blog post complete).

$40 Budget-Cost Breakdown

Okay, I'll give you all a little more details. We went into Ikea with the intention of finding frames for the bathroom, and instead came out with frames and stuff to create a little Valentine's space for the month of love. The perfect example of how marketing drew us in to spend more. But was it marketing or did IKEA get my creative juices flowing?

How I decided what to get-

Poster with frame
The love poster is what first inspired me. But then we needed a frame for it, so between black and white frames I chose white. I chose white because it brightens space, creates a contrast with my darker toned floors, and it goes with other frames we already have at home.

Picture Frames
Then I wanted to surround it with things that I thought would depict love. I had been wanting to put up pictures of Phoenix, of our second Valentine's together. This was the perfect setting and time to do it! There were three pictures I had in mind, plus one of him and his cousin kissing at the spray park during summer 2018. So I chose four 5×7 frames (not too small, not too big). The colors- pink and red, inspired by the common Valentine's colors, plus our couch at home is red. I also thought the colors would be a good contrast to the white frame.

Then we ran into the flower section. Phoenix absolutely loves flowers! He'll smell them even if they are fake. The Gerbera Daisy's (my birth flower) were pink, and I thought they would pop with the pink frames. So we had to get two, representing both Phoenix and I.

When I got the flowers I thought, "Well...I have a gray vase at home that I like, but it might sort of clash with the color scheme. I could also use my super tall glass vase..." It didn't take much thought to decide on walking to the vase section. That decision added $10 to my receipt, but I was extremely satisfied with my choice, especially when I got home and tried the look with the other vases. Also, we still kept within the $40 budget. If you're thinking of doing something similar, this is something you could cut off, and reduce your budget to $30.

Lighting is so important in creating spaces that stand out. Also, our apartment needs more lighting. Off to the lamp section we went. We needed to stay within budget so the lamp needed to be around $10. We found a couple we thought were the best options for our budget, but then we ran into the candle section. We were sold! I love candles and Phoenix loves blowing them! Plus they are the perfect tool in creating a romantic setting for the month of love.

How I decide frame layout before placing  frames on the wall-

Went with this one, except I brought the larger frame lower, after I had already put the frames up.

I create different frame layouts on the floor, then decide on the one that's most visually appealing before making a whole bunch of trial and error holes on the wall. 

As soon as we got home, Phoenix ran to put the frames, vase, and flowers up on the little table. How did he know that's where mommy was going to put it all?! He either knows me far too well, or has great taste just like mommy!

This is what he did as soon as he got home. He later added the smaller frames. 


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