Our "Secret Spot"

Our secret spot may not be so secret anymore! On Valentine's Day, two years ago, in 2017, I took my Valentine's date to a "secret spot." Who was my Valentine's date? Where was this so called "secret spot"? 

About three days before Valentine's, we had moved back to Sacramento, from Felton. It was the beginning of a new journey together, and a beginning ready for exploration and adventure. Phoenix had just turned one about two weeks before, and it was still a bit difficult to just pick up and do anything with him. But I wanted to do something cute and special for my valentine. 

I searched for something outdoors, and I ran into a park that caught my attention. It was a rooftop park that I had never been to. It was just the type of place I had been looking for; it was perfect! So on Valentine's day, I packed a few snacks, and a few Valentine's props and headed out with my Valentine date. 

When we got there, we drove up to the top floor of the parking structure, about 10 floors (from what I recall). We parked, but I was still unsure about where exactly we were going. Nonetheless, I carried my date up a flight of stairs, and when we got to the top, to my excitement, we had found the rooftop park! I'm sure by now-- you've guessed who my Valentine's date was, none other but my little munchkin, Phoenix.

We looked around, and then I found a cement platform where I could lay out our healthy snacks I had tucked into heart shaped boxes. There were picnic tables alongside the 18-story building that is adjacent to the rooftop park, atop the parking structure. When we first got there, somebody was sitting on one of the picnic tables, but then later left, so we had the whole park to ourselves. We ate our snacks, enjoyed the view around us, took pictures, and decided to leave around dusk.

Well, I'm sure you're all wondering, "Well...where is this so called secret spot?" It's called Emerald Tower Rooftop Park. At this park you can see the Sacramento River, the tower bridge and other buildings in the downtown area. The building adjacent to the parking structure is home to the Westamerica Bank, the State Controllers Office, and the State Department of Insurance. But the park is open to visitors. In fact, at some point during our visit that evening, they started playing music through the outdoor speakers for us. I'm thinking somebody saw us on camera and decided to play music for us.

I tried getting him to look at the camera for our selfies but it didn't work. 

This "secret spot" is located at 300 Capitol Mall in Sacramento California, 95814. We probably stayed for a little over an hour and paid about $8 for parking. But it's definitely worth the view and visit. With Valentine's coming up in about a month, you can surprise your significant other with a rooftop dinner, or snack, and don't forget your camera!


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