Food on the Go!

It's often that Phoenix and I are running around trying  to get things done- and end up having to pick up something to eat. Yesterday afternoon, Phoenix and I were out and about running errands. After our last stop, at Ikea, we were both super hungry. So we stopped to eat a "late night" dinner. 

I looked for vegetarian spots near me, and found one that was still open, and only about 10 minutes away from us. They were going to close in about forty minutes, at 9:30, so we rushed to get there before their close. As soon as we got inside, their host asked us if we were there for pick up. I said, "Eat here maybe?" It was then that he said they were closing at 9, and I said, "Ohh...your website says 9:30pm." He said that they weren't able to change the time online. So, we ordered to go. 

I ordered the "Limitless Compassion" for me, and sides of rice and tempura fries for Phoenix. My dish had: spicy mongolian beef sauteed with brocolli, red onions, bell peppers, carrots, string beans, and black truffle oil with rice on the side. Phoenix' dish is pretty self explanatory. Once we got our food, we left and ate our food in the car because we couldn't wait to get home. 

The food was absolutely tasty and delicious! And all of it was vegetarian! In fact, unlike their other locations, everything at this Andy Nguyen's location is! I had been to Andy Nguyen's years back, but never at a location that was solely vegetarian. 

I was so excited about trying it out, and so glad I did because my dish was more than I expected (only because I remember not being a huge fan when I ate at a different location years back). The "beef" was perfectly tender, and the vegetables were not overcooked. The flavors had the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. I would warn that there are little slices of jalapeƱo here and there, something I love, but I know not everyone would be a fan. The rice was good too, and Phoenix sure did enjoy his tempura fries with ketchup. I can't wait to go back, sit down, and try all of their soups! 

Here's a link to Andy Nguyen's Vegetarian Restaurant menu:


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