All You Need is Ice Cream

"All you need is ice cream" are the big words posted on an entire wall space inside Rolie Polie's Creamworks, in Roseville. It was getting late, we were tired, we were hungry for something, and we both needed some unwind time. That night, our rolled ice cream felt like exactly the remedy we needed. 

Every once in a while I take on cleaning gigs that are given to me by a good friend of mine. The extra cash definitely comes in handy, so I am always grateful for those jobs. However, I must say, big props to all the cleaning ladies out there because it is hard work! I clean my place on a regular basis, but when you clean somebody's whole place up all at once, with loads of laundry included, you end up with an aching back, and hurting feet. Thank God for rest at night, and also for ice cream!

On Monday, I took on a cleaning job in Roseville. Since Phoenix and I are pretty much inseparable, he came along with me. I got there around 1 pm, and he had just fallen asleep, which I had hoped for. I transferred the entire car seat with him in it, from the car to inside the home, so that I could start cleaning while he napped. He napped for an hour, and I cleaned for six and half hours. I always intend to finish a cleaning job quickly, but then I get too caught up in the details. I just can't help it.

Phoenix was awake for five and half hours of the time we spent there. During that time he snacked, he watched Mickey Mouse videos on my phone, he played with his dinosaurs, he rolled on the bed, he wandered, and he "helped with cleaning." All in all he was such a great sport and pretty well behaved, though he understandably got anxious towards the very end. I told myself and him that I would treat him to something.

By the time we left it was dark outside, so playground time was out of the question, or was it? I remembered there's a lit up play area right outside of Galleria at Roseville, and we were in Roseville! So with just a few minutes drive, Phoenix was running around the play area in no time!

It was forty five minutes til most places closed, and all I could think of was putting something in my mouth. I look over to my right and I see an inviting pink colored sign that says Rolie Polie's Creamworks, and I'm thinking "that works!" So I tell Phoenix, "Ice cream, ice cream, let's go get ice cream." After a little persuasion to leave the play area for a bit,  I convince him to make his way over.

As soon as we walk through the doors, I'm thinking "they're closed" because it looked like the workers were cleaning up, and we were the only customers. Luckily, they were open! Having never been there, I ask about their ice cream. They said they were out of supplies for their nitrogen ice cream, which sounds wayyyy cool, and I can't wait to try!

So we went with their other option, rolled ice cream. The rolled ice cream is $7.99, and you get to choose two toppings. We were told the toppings create your ice cream flavor. I wanted to choose something "fun" for Phoenix, so we went with lucky charms, and paired it with white chocolate.

The entire process of watching them make our ice cream was super neat. I had never seen anything like it, and I would classify it as art! I carried Phoenix up higher so that he could see the process and he was definitely intrigued.

The first step was putting all the ingredients together. Then he mixed the ingredients over the cold plate.
Then the ingredients were mashed over the cold plate.
Once hardened, the mixture was spread across the cold plate.
Then it was time to roll out the ice cream! 
Once it was rolled, it was put into a cup, and then topped with whipped cream and sprinkles (our choice), as well as our two toppings of lucky charms, and white chocolate, and handed to me. 

We got to sit and enjoy our rolled ice cream, and it was just as great as watching the process to make it. After we were done Phoenix got back out to play for a bit, and then we headed home. But all we needed that night was ice cream! I can't wait to go back for more, and the nitrogen ice cream is on my list.  

His excited face!

Phoenix playing in the play area.
The feeling was mutual.
I forgot to mention, he also got to ride a train that is right next to the play area.

Helpful Tips:
  • Train right next to play area is $3 per person/ride
  • Play area is outside, by the food court entrance at Galleria at Roseville Mall
  • Rolie Polie's Creamworks is right next to Starbucks, next to play area. 


  1. It reminds me of th Cold Stone in some ways! My favorite of all is always the Maynum double chocolate ice cream bars. After it is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I was quite sad to find out that most of the Ben and Jerry’s stores were closing a few years back.

    1. Yes, the cold plate reminded me of Cold Stone as well, but it is very different wherein the ice cream is created in front of you, and then it is rolled. Super neat! And yes, Ben and Jerry's probably
      closed because of so much competition! Thank you for always reading! :)


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