Peaches and Cream

"Peaches and cream, I need it cause you know that I'm a fiend" is how I truly felt, last week, anticipating a peaches and cream wrap from the Healthy Nut Hut. The Healthy Nut Hut is a locally owned stand in Sacramento, that sells vegetarian and vegan fare. On a Saturday you can find the "hut" or food trailer at the Historic Folsom Farmers Market, and on a Sunday you'll find it at the Carmichael Park Farmers Market. But you won't always get the satisfaction of eating  a peaches and cream wrap, because it's a seasonal item, and mostly likes to show its "face" on special occasions, like the Peach Festival!

The Peach Festival takes place during the summer months, and makes it's way throughout the various Farmers Market locations in Sacramento.  Last Sunday we got to experience the peach "frenzy" at the Carmichael Park Farmers Market. All produce vendors had peaches at their stands. There was a chef demo with a peach inspired recipe. There was a peach dessert contest. There were peach eating contests, which I took part of towards the end. There was a balloon twister, a face painter, and a cotton candy stand. But most importantly, there was the food court! The food court vendors had their peach inspired specials. But all I wanted was my peaches and cream wrap!

The peaches and cream wrap is actually more like a crêpe, but called a wrap because there was already a crêpe vendor, and same names aren't allowed due to vendor policies. The inside of the wrap had fresh peaches drowned in organic brown sugar and cinnamon, over cream cheese. Then the wrap was topped with a finger licking, sweet cashew crème. A breakfast-dessert all in one! And the only spot you could find this uniquely made wrap was at the Healthy Nut Hut stand.

The  Healthy Nut Hut, locally owned by Miriam Bailey, had my "cure" awaiting me. I could spot her small food trailer from a "mile away" because its yellow, and has a cute green and blue striped awning that overhangs at the front. Her menu includes items such as the classic nutburger, beet whopper burger, nutty taco, grilled tofu, and acai bowl. She also serves a deliciously refreshing hibiscus lemonade that is infused with sweet basil; the perfect go to drink on a hot summer day. At this Peach Festival her peach inspired specials included the peach cobbler, and my favorite-- the peaches and cream wrap. 

It didn't disappoint! As evidenced by my empty, clean food tray. And there was no better way to enjoy this wrap and all the peachy goodness than with a few good friends. We all decided to meet at the Healthy Nut Hut stand, and put in our food orders. Then we sat at a nearby picnic table and socialized while awaiting our food, and while eating it. It was a good time catching up, while enjoying our food.

Two little unicorns- my friends daughters.

Before the end of the festival, I got to participate in the peach eating contest at a table full of peach eating competitors.  There was no age limit,  so we had a table full of children and adults alike.
My friends daughters ready to compete!

They gave us large plastic aprons to wear, and served us each a plate full of peach "mush" topped with a layer of whip cream.  The rules:  kids got a head start, we couldn't use our hands and had to keep them behind our back, and we had to wipe our plates clean. With the possibility of three winners, I was determined to be one of them!

Hair tied back, and with complete disregard to ruining the beautiful makeup on my face, I was ready to become a "beast" with those peaches! Given the signal to start, my mouth and nose became one with the peaches and cream. Phoenix stood by me, in concern. He kept saying, "momma" as he rubbed my ear in concern. I think he wondered why his momma had become such an "animal." But I also think he saw the humor in it all, because I saw him crack a smile. The girl competing in front of me, later said she couldn't eat her peaches because she kept looking at me, and couldn't stop laughing. Down the hatch the peaches went, and as I was about to take the last couple of bites, three winners had already been declared. But how?!?! I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to win. But in the end, it wasn't a loss, because I got to participate in a peach contest for the first time in my life, so it was something new, and I had fun with it! Plus, I got a bag of candy for participating, and Phoenix was more than happy to enjoy that!
Phoenix with his bag of candy that momma won. 

Cheesing hard with whip cream on my face.

Before leaving, I made sure Phoenix got his donation based t-rex balloon from the balloon twister, and I got myself a "pasket" from the basket vendor. A "pasket" is a combination of a purse, and basket. Because it was a festival, all baskets were 20-25% off. I can't wait to use my new "pasket" on a small picnic with Pheonix or on a trip to the pool or beach. I definitely a-peach-iated this peachy day filled with friends, kids, and  a good dosage of peaches and cream!

Phoenix trying on a hat at the basket vendor. 

Me and my new "pasket" and Phoenix with his already undone t-rex balloon. 


  1. Oh my god-I couldn't stop laughing about Phoenix watching you eat the peaches!! And I love the pasket!! I didn't know that's what they are called. Looks like a fun day! ~Grandma R

    1. was funny! Thank you. I think it's a super cute "pasket." I do think the owners made up the name. It was a good lil time! :) Thank you for always reading and commenting! :)

  2. This was a fun time! Although I was still a bit hungover from Tito’s I had a great time lol fav part was when your girls join the peach contest loved it then peaches and cream look good haha thanks for inviting me xoxo

    1. The peach contest was super fun!!! So glad you went with Leyla! :) You're welcome! You should have tried the peaches and cream wrap! Sooooo good! :)


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