Folsom Rocks

Many of us take an airplane or a long road trip to find our new adventure, but sometimes adventure awaits us just around the corner. Our "corner" was about 35 minutes away from home, and just on the outskirts of the Sacramento region. It was around mid morning when we set out to find our new and not-so-new spot. Not-so-new because I've been to Folsom Lake many times, since childhood up until my adult life, and new because I had never been to this specific spot at Folsom Lake.  

It was Phoenix' first time ever, and we were ready to take on this new and not-so-new discovery. We got to Folsom Lake around 11 am. There are various entrances to get into the Folsom Lake area, and we took the one off of Douglas Road. The entrance fee was $12 for an all day pass, and well worth paying because our final destination was well into the the Folsom Lake Recreational area. Upon entering, Douglas Road, then became Park Road. Then we followed the signs to get to Beeks Bight, which is at the very end of the road. 

Beeks Bight was our final destination. Once we got there, we parked and as I was gathering our belongings from the car we got to see a couple of people riding horses on a trail set for horse use. Then as we set out to explore on foot, I noticed there were restrooms available for public use, which is something I look for when we go out to do a walk or hike in nature. I could see boulder rocks past the far end of the parking lot, and another trail directly across the parking lot and restrooms. I decided we would take the trail first, then come back to explore the rocky area. 

The Jedi trail is .5 miles one way, and so about 1 mile round trip. It makes its way to Doton's Point which is where you can see and dip into Folsom Lake. The trail was easy, and took us about an hour, because we were walking at Phoenix' pace which is a little slower than my usual pace, and also we made several stops to either sit on a bench or to observe our natural surroundings. There were interpretive panels  along our route, offering insightful information, and some more worn out than others to the point that I could barely read everything written. I later came to learn that these panels were placed by local school children back in 2002, which explains the wear and tear for some of the panels. 
At one point during our walk to Doton's  point there were a couple of picnic tables, which I can't wait to picnic on the next time we come here. 

Exploring around the picnic tables.
We also took the time to find materials laying around to make letters and create Phoenix' name.

When we finally got to Doton's Point, Phoenix freaked out for some reason and didn't want to get closer to Folsom Lake, so we quickly headed back to where we started. 

At the start of Jedi trail. 

Overlooking Folsom Lake at Doton's Point. 

When we got back from walking the Jedi trail, we decided to take another trail. We didn't see a trail sign, but I believe it was Beeks Bight trail. We walked down to where we got our feet muddy because of the water that had recently dried out due to the hot summer heat. Then after exploring around the boulder rocks for a while I decided it was too hot to be under the burning sun, and Phoenix was in need of a nap, so we brought our Beeks Bight adventure to an end. I am looking forward to coming back in the springtime when all the beautiful wildflowers are in bloom.

Walking along what we thought to be Beeks Blight trail. 
Exploring the Folsom rocks at Beeks Bight.

Helpful Tips:
  • Get there early to avoid the hot summer sun, unless you are dipping into the lake.
  • Visit during the spring to see the spring wildflowers.
  • Start your hike earlier to avoid crowds.
  • Be ready to pay a $12 all day pass entrance fee. Cards are accepted. 
How to get to Beeks Bight:
  • Head East on US-50 towards South Lake Tahoe
  • Take exit 23, for Folsom Blvd.
  • Turn left onto Folsom Blvd and stay on there for about 8 miles. 
  • Turn right onto Douglas for about 4.5 miles. 
  • Upon entering the park, follow the signs to Beeks Bight, and drive all the way to the very end.


  1. Omg love that is so close thanks for posting!! And these are some epic pictures love them all!!

    1. Yes!!! Super close! We can go together with the kids sometime! Thank you so much!! And thank you for commenting! :)

  2. I don’t see my previous comments but just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed this blog post. You took us through every detail and a reminder and the pics are priceless. Great reminder that we don’t have to go far to enjoy nature’s best! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed this post! And yes, there's always hidden treasure laying right beneath us! :)

  3. Luv his walking stick!!
    ~Grandma R

    1. Hahaha....yeah! He wouldn't put it down! 😅 brought it home and all. :)


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