Mangonada Monday

Our sugar visit was short and sweet! Or tall and sweet? Our mangonada was tall, large, perfectly sweet, and only $5! On Mondays you can get a large mangonada freeze or shaved ice from 5pm-9pm, for only $5! 

Well, where at?! Phoenix and I went to Sweets and Sugars, located on a corner, off of Freeport Blvd in Sacramento. It was our first time and we loved it! Well, Phoenix was a bit apprehensive about trying the mangonada because he thought it was spicy, or as he says it, "pica?!" Yet, he was eating hot cheetos with nacho cheese on top! Go figure. But he eventually made his way to trying our mangonada freeze.

The fruit freeze they use in their mangonada at Sweets and Sugars comes from Gunther's Ice Cream (another great ice cream spot in Sacramento). Though the fruit freeze is a popular choice for these mangonadas, I cant wait to come back and try their shaved ice mangonada. However, the mango freeze in this mangonada  was perfectly sweet and refreshing, mixed in with mango chunks, a tangy chamoy sauce, and topped with chili lime salt and a straw wrapped in tamarind, making the perfect Mexican concoction. 

Mexican?! Yes, Mexican! I came to learn that a mangonada, also known as chamango, originated in Mexico. Though the exact location of its origin in Mexico is uncertain, some claim Guadalajara, others claim Mexicali, it is a drink full of the cultural flavors of Mexico. And this isn't the only item on their menu that offers Mexican flair!

Sweets and Sugars offers a diverse menu, full of delightfully sweet concoctions and some savory ones too. From the simple hot cheetos with nacho cheese on top, to the piña loca, tostilocos, to healthy drinks with celery, cactus, name it! Not to mention, they also have fun $5 specials, like the $5 Mangonada Monday, or the Tostiloco Tuesday, or the Thirsty Thursday Micheladas, and I'm sure I'm missing some. But I'm sure you get the picture.

It's the perfect casual place to go on a short and sweet date with the perfect someone, or with friends, family, or little ones like Phoenix. They are open rain or shine, from 11am-9pm, with indoor and outdoor seating. There is room for parking, though not extensive, so we had to park on the street off of Freeport. We can't wait to go back and try some more of their creative concoctions!

Our $5 Mangonada Monday!

Phoenix enjoying his hot cheetos with nacho sauce. 

How to get to Sweets and Sugars in Sacramento:
  • From US-50, take exit 6A towards 26th St.
  • Merge onto W Street
  • Turn left onto 21st Street.
  • Pass an ampm on your left
  • Sweets and Sugars will be on your left at 3051 Freeport Blvd.


  1. Yummy!! You'll have to try Orange Freeze next;
    - Grandma R

    1. It sure was yummy! Unique too! I checked out the website. They definitely have lots of freeze flavors. We will try it sometime, and I will most likely post on it. :) Thank you for the tip!

  2. I thought it was spicy so never give it a try. I will definitely try it sometimes!

    1. Yes! You should try it, and plus they have so many things on their menu to choose from!

  3. Love leaning something new everyday, today Mangonada! Sounds like the perfect tall drink on a hot day but I can see ehere the little one would have though it was a blended version of his Cheetos dish. Especially side by side!! 😂 Look forward to reading and learning more

    1. Yes, it is a perfect drink for a hot summer day! I like that I learned something new too. Something that I feel I should have known! Lol, to blended version of his cheetos! 😄😄 Thank you so much for reading, and keep looking for posts! 😊

  4. JENNY...what restaurant, food court , food stand, kiosk, food trailer, have you not eyeballed!!!! lol. Not to mention states you have traveled, countries, and beautiful nature places you've enjoyed and continue to do so with your Little Pepperoncini next to are fearless certain things you've got from me, spontaneous, adventurous, free spirited and continue endeavoring your vision and journey... embracing what God has offered us in this world, life is to short to live thru others vision and lifestyle, or to waste your life as a pesimist loosing our touch with nature and humans...always putting God above all and against all...enjoy the best our eyes could seek, the best our feet could take us thru...the best our tasting buds could savor, the best we could taste and choose to share it with the world of how much you've enjoyed it! the best aromas we could inhale to and enjoy, the best our tongue could drull for, the best our hands could reach in this little things God allows us to enjoy in life... and best of all remain in that beautiful journey with your little man...the spike in your life, the meaning and gas of your human engine...God is great! PROUD OF YOU!!!!!

    1. Thank you momma! We are enjoying our journey to the fullest! Thank you for reading and commenting! ☺😊🙂😚💜💙 and God is great!


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